What is Sulfad ?

SULFAD is a unique formula consists of four active Phytopharmaceutical compounds which act in synergy to manage patients with NASH/NAFLD/AFLD, also it provide a rapid normalization for elevated liver biomarkers within one to two months.

About Sulfad
  • This powerful liver-protective formula act as free-radical Scavenger preventing damage to liver
    tissue that is generated during metabolism of different toxins. Free radicals are generated
    during the metabolism of different substances. and it is believed that the free-radical response
    to a toxin that does the damage, rather than the toxin itself. What Sulfad formula aiming to
    achieve, is to stop the damage that might occur as a consequence to the generation of freeradicals.
    By direct antioxidant action, as well as by enhancing the function of the liver.

Support the regeneration of Liver Cells :

Triglyceride and cholesterol lowering activity.
Potent anti oxidant.Immune stimulant.
Anti diabetic activity.
Anti inflammatory activity.
Treatment of dyspeptic complaints.

who need to use Sulfad
Some individuals may have to use Sulfad as supportive food supplement in cases such as :
Prolonged Medications :

Where  it is known that most drugs are metabolized by the liver , consumption of a particular drug for long periods may lead to direct liver injury , therefore , advised to use Sulfad to support normal liver function
EX :-    (    Iso Tretinoin   ,     Statins       )

Hepatitis Patients :

Patients with hepatitis may use Sulfad to support different liver functions and to protect liver cells from further injury .
Sulfad also known by its ability to stimulate natural immune defenses against different infections .

Sulfad 01
People who undergo Diet :

Diet and weight loss may cause fat to be accumulated on the liver and could lead to fatty liver and steatohepatitis , so any patient undergoing aggressive diet or weight loss should intake sulfad as food supplement to protect the liver .

Diabetics and overweight :

Recent studies showed that there is a strong correlation between elevation of liver enzymes in diabetic patients and the problem of insulin resistance they are subjected to and therefore  SULFAD  is highly recommended as it improves reactive oxygen species insulin resistance .

How Do I Take SULFAD ?

2-3 months ( however liver enzymes normalization starts from the third week )


With a small amount of warm water half an hour before meals.

Sulfad Effect
  • Significant improvement in AST after one month of administration .

  • Extremely significant improvement in lipid profile including LDL and TGS after two months of administration .

  • Significant improvement in HDL after third month of administration .

Sulfad 01
Side Effects and Contraindications :
Side effects :

SULFAD  is considered as safe and effective food supplement .

Some individuals may experience mild laxative effect .

Contraindications :

In case of appearing sensitivity please stop and refer to physician .

No known drug – drug interactions with SULFAD .

Pregnancy and Lactation :

Consult your physician .

Keep out of reach children .

Sulfad and Hypertension

Studies performed on SULFAD showed that nine tablets one shot affect hypertension


If the patient is un controlled hypertensive it is not recommended to take SULFAD .


Sulfad produced by :
A.B.C  Farmaceutical S.P.A


Marketed by :
LandPharma S.R.L – Italy


Agency in Saudi Arabia :
Pharma Drug Store Co.